Good News on the 'Roadless' front

Hey guys - Thank you so much for your support in postponing the White River National Forest decision here in Colorado.

In the last review (1984) there were less than 300 total responses almost all in favor of closing the forest to ANY mechinized travel. The last few months the forest service has gotten more than 14,500 letters with a significant change in direction. I don't think they expected it. It sounds like they were ready to implament Uncle Bill's plan untill the letterrs started pouring in. So thanks to all of us - The forest is open for at least another year!

Of the responses they have gotten these are the views ranked in order of the number of replies:

1. Healthy forests are important to all users.

2. Multiple Use is the Forest Service mandate.

3. Recreation is a valid use of the forests.

4. Travel Management (read 'are they going to allow us') is hard to understand and should be seperate from the forest plan.

5. Private Property Rights need to be respected.

6. More collaboration needs to be done with local enities.

7. Public Comments are important and should not be ignored.

These are taken directly from the WR Forest Plan Newsletter explaining why the plan has been postponed until May 2001 - yeah :D

These points may seem like common sence to most of you, but if you could read their poposed inititives, you would think it was a forest in Russia! 80% wilderness (no camping, travel or other recreation), 2% mechinized travel - this includes mtn bikes. There was never a break down of acreage for MC, ATV and 4x4's. It would have been very small. For those of you from other parts of the country/world, keep in mind that the White River includes more area than most US states. Towns like Aspen, Vail, Breakenridge, Brested Butte & Glenwood would all have been shut down for mechinized travel :D

So again thanks to all and please keep up the good work.


PS This is an open invitation to all of you that have helped - Come out and visit! I would love to show off our wonderfull forests :)

Jake post direction on how to get there and we will come seeya. :)


Hey Jake,

In celebration, would you buy me a Sam Adams? I'll buy you a Coors!


That's one for the good guy's, alot more to go. Jake, have you heard anything on the BootHill enduro a few people were trying to get closed down recently?


99 WR400




That is great news Jake. Keep up the advocacy and let us know when to write or call our elected representatives. I would like to take you up on visitation offer. Colorado really does sound like one of the best places to ride in the country. Send info. I'll join Monty for a visit. :D (whatayasay Monty? Lets get the No Cal bunch to take a trip :))

When are we going to Colorado?


Originally posted by TW:

...have you heard anything on the BootHill enduro a few people were trying to get closed down recently?

I was talking with one of the main organizers last week (being a rookie, you have to chat with he guys in the know...) Anyway, his stance was that is was off unless they could get the permit. Others have a more optimistic view, but I think that is the offical position.


Colorado any time man that place is GREAT augest is a good time to go to colorado rain at night and sun in the day time. You guys let me know i'll try to make it :)


p.s. John i got my ca, plate today:]

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