WANTED: stock muffler for 98WR400

I bought a 98WR400 second hand from a guy that had a muffler shop mess with the baffles so that it let loose some extra muscle...and noise.

The bike is too loud for long rides and I want to add a Baja kit so I can ride it to the trailhead (much too loud for street riding)!

I am sure one of you wrench/performance heads out there has put on an aftermarket muffler and has a stock muffler kicking around collecting dust. Sell it to me and I will collect some dust on it using the thing.

Drop me a line.


whats your email adress i have a canadian model pipe. its very quite but the baffle isn't removable.

Hey jeff simpson,

My email address is: kcnm@cintek.com

and I, too, live in Canada. Cranbrook BC to be exact. Drop me a note. Aside from year and price I am interested to know how the stock pipe changes performance. Look forward to hearing from you.

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Talk soon,



Actually, to reply to someone by email just click on the icon that looks like a stamped envelope...not the written letter icon.


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