Was I stood up?

Anybody ever wondered what being stood up for a blind date feels like? You know, the meet a friend of a friend at the bar for a drink or two kind of blind date. Well, I think I know the answer. It sucks.

Went to Marin Brewing Co. tonight at 7:15 expecting to find Mitch from Oz. Now realize, I don't know what Mitch looks like & he doesn't know what I look like other than I'm 6'4", 250 lb - blonde hair/flat top. I think I'm kinda hard to miss - especially, when I'm the only person in the whole joint wearing a Malcolm Smith 'No Wimps' Dual Sport T-shirt. For those of you not familiar with Marin County - natives like to claim it is the birthplace of the mountain bike.

So anyhow, I order a beer - a very good hefeweizen - and kinda saunter around the place figuring that Mitch will spot me. We'll I guess I'm not as good looking as I think cause I struck out big time. So I think to myself - "Self, he's just running late. Have another beer." So I snag a seat at the bar and order up a very tasty Stout. I proceed to drink my beer and watch the baseball game on the TV - now I remember why I don't watch professional sports on TV, especially baseball, way too boring. While I'm sitting at the bar I get to witness first hand the infamous 'fat middle aged guy trying to get laid' courtship dance - now I remember why I got married :). I actually had to laugh at the guy buying drinks for the younger hotties he was trying to pick up. I finish my beer about 8:15 and make another pass thru the place thinking maybe Mitchie showed up - no luck. At this point I feeling really sorry for myself and decide I'd better go home before I have to order another beer and the waitress asks if I'm waiting for somebody.

Well, I guess the night wasn't a total bust - I did have two tasty beers and got to do some people watching. There is a gym next door and let's just say the eye candy was quite nice.

Mitch - I may forgive you when you buy me a couple of beers. Hopefully, before Moab....



Don't tell anyone I told you so, but I believe Mitch is a cross dresser! He may have been one of the hotties you saw last night. Thank heaven, (Mitch) tuned him down! :)

Your choice of beer, Brian, is right up my alley. I started drinking the non-rice beers a couple of years ago. My friends thought they were doing me a favor by introducing the pricey beers to me. Now I pay double for my beer. But boy, you cannot beat a good wheat or a stout!

Maybe there really is no Mitch from Oz!

Maybe the guy I spoke to on the phone is really a setup. Some real life Crockodile Dundee trying to trick us Yanks!

Maybe he is yanking our chain (bad choice of words?).

It's a setup! Good thing you got out with your life.

By the way, you left at 8:15? You must be old and married like me!


By 8:15 I'd had two beers and no dinner.... If I'd stuck around any longer it could have gotten ugly - I might have started picking up on Mitch the Cross Dresser.



I was wearing blue cargo pants, a white T-shirt and a Blue and White Hawiian Shirt... :) I walked in at 7:50pm as I had to drive from LA. Left LAX at 3:00pm and arrived at MBC at 7:50pm. Not bad.....

I was inside, near the back door. There was group of about 10 of us in the corner. The corner near the back door and the bath room..... Two large tables were joined and we had the entire length of the booth.....

Call me on me cell: 650 7041983


Were you two in the same time zone??? :)

I was standing at that end of the bar watching the game for a while.... I think I saw someone in a Hawaiian print mumu - was that you?

I figured that I'd be able to hear the loud aussie but I too am beginning to think it is all a trick.

You're saying you made it from LAX to Marin in 4 hours 50 minutes? No way are you driving my truck when we go to Moab :)

I'll call you.


[This message has been edited by Brian Meadows (edited 07-19-2000).]

Hey Brian,

My shirt did not say mumu??? What is that by the way??? It was blue with white patterns (tree's and stuff). :) You were at the cash register end of the bar? Near the dunnies (toilets)? If so, and I assume you were facing the bar, then if you looked right at the table of 10 or so people (women included) then I was on the wall side... DAMN, can't believe we missed each other. I know I was there as I saw all the hot looking bar girls roaming around. :D

AS far as driving your truck. I would be happy to stick below 70mph if you like.... Really... :D So, 4hrs 50mins, is that good time?

Call me later on 650 7041983


Originally posted by Brian Meadows:

I was standing at that end of the bar watching the game for a while.... I think I saw someone in a Hawaiian print mumu - was that you?

Nope that wasn't him..

Mitch was the fat old bald guy buying drinks for those chicks thinking he was going to score! :):D



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Sorry I let your secret out :) !!

A mumu is a tent dress used to cover (usually) a large amount of skin.

You weren't drinking a Fosters to try and impress him were you? If so, that might have sent him back out the door dress and all. He told me that Yanks that drink Fosters are sissies and no true Oz native would ever touch the stuff.


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