I'M here and I WAS there......

I replied to your posting regarding "Was I stood UP?" I am in town and I was at the Brew Pub... REALLY... Wearing a blue and white hawiian shirt... Hell, I was the loudest one there......

ALL you Northern California guys, I am in town only performing another 4 shows so let me know when you want to drink some beer.

Call me later: 650 7041983


Was it a hawiian shirt or dress?

[This message has been edited by Bryan (edited 07-19-2000).]

Bryan, dont be like that Sweetie.....

I mean, if you hurt my feelings, then I will have to tell your wife about us. She will not be too impressed... :)


I may just have to roost your sorry butt... :D


OH, by the way, it was a hawiian shirt, but I also wore a grass skirt. No pumps, normal shoes...... :)

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