Bought my 2000 WR400 one month ago and have just completed dialing in the jetting after installing a White Brothers Pipe. Now it is time to move to suspension.

The front end feels very soft although suspended with a pretty stiff spring. I have been told by White Brothers that the WR's are valved for the masses who do general trail riding and to siffen up the suspension you need to revalve (simular to the YZ). Additionally, they commnented that the fork oil level is low in the WR at 135mm. They recommended going to 105 mm. Any comments on this topic? Additionally, is adding and measuring the fork oil level straight forward on the WR forks. I did not see any posts on fork oil measurment or levels.

Please advise before I get a complete revalve.


I think the specs are between 80mm to 140mm from the top of the tube, with the springs removed. You ae right, not enough oil in there stock. I set mine 107mm from the top and they still could use a little more oil in my humble opinion. I'd try 100mm.



I am going with your recommendation on this.

I set the level to 100mm with the stock Yamaha 01 oil. I will give it a try this weekend.


[This message has been edited by John in Long Beach (edited 07-20-2000).]

[This message has been edited by John in Long Beach (edited 07-20-2000).]

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