XR650R shifting into 1st gear with a clunk --- Engine noises

Hello all. I am a newbie that has just purchased a used 2001 BRP.

The bike seems to be in good shape, has lots of power and no obvious problems. One thing that I have been noticing which is bothering me is that when stopped and shifting from neutral to first gear the bike makes a clunk and jerks just a little bit. Down shifting when moving specially into 2nd and 1st gear is also accompanied with slight clunk type of noise, but much less noticeable than going into 1st from neutral/stopped position. Besides the clunk and little engine jerk when going into first gear, the bike shifts well into all gears without any problems. Is this normal? Do I need to investigate or address any issue?

My XR650R is uncorked and quite noise as one should expect. This is the first time I own a thumper. I am just a little bit paranoid with some of the engine noises. Since I bought a used bike, I would like the opinion from anyone with experience with the BRP to confirm if mine sounds like a healthy beast. If there are any BRP owners living in central Ohio/Columbus area I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to exchange ideas and maybe get together for a ride. Can anyone recommend a good mechanical shop in Columbus area (ideally Northwest side) with experience with dirt/dual purpose bikes?

Thanks in advance,


My 650R shifts like butter, so try changing your oil an filter an clean your screens. I have good luck with 15-40 Rotella T.

there will be a very slight surge when going forom n to 1st. has happened with all my bikes no matter what brand. try the rotella recomendation.

If it jerks forward a bit like you said its due to your clutch being slightly out of adjustment or the basket being a little worn or both.. I would try rechecking the clutch adjustment then go from there ... I'm sure some more knowledgable people will give some better info and welcome to the forum..

+1 on the clutch. It sounds like your clutch is not releasing 100%.

Thank you all for prompt responses. I will be trying the oil and filter change suggestions as well as clutch cable adjustment and will let you know how it goes. This is the first time I tried posting to TT. I am very glad to find how active and willing to help the BRP online community here is.

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