Kids and Racing

Hey guys,

A very very sad accident occurred at Muddy Creek MX Park and a young rider passed away. My prayers and thoughts go out to the family and friends of Scotty Miller. This is very sad and makes you think, as a parent do I let my kids race. I posted this here to let everyone know that we all are praying for the family of Scotty, and no words can replace their loss.

I at times feel like I should not let my son race because of this very thing, but on the other hand he could be seriously hurt or worse in a car accident. Are there any dad's out there that have the same thoughts.

Please ride safe!

My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. I to am a parent with a child who races and have watched as many other parents children have gotten injured in this sport. I have had many an arguement with myself regarding my daughters safety. I allways answer with "she knows and accepts the risks". At the youth level the competition in the womens beginer class is not that fierce. I could never let her to race with the boys in her age bracket (14) they are just to agressive. Don't get me wrong she is pretty agressive in her riding, and her skills have been practiced for years before letting her race, but the boys really have no fear! I was the same way and my son is the same way, in this area, as a parent, I have to make the call. No racing with the boys! I try to suport any activity kids like, that keeps them active and out of trouble. My daughter may get hurt racing but she has my full suport as long as she wants to continue

James, you are correct words are hard to come by in this very sad occasion. I started my thirteen year old riding (TTR225) about a year ago and now he is ready to progress to possibly a YZ125. I know he wants to race and the first turn on the first lap scares the hell out of me. But I never was given this opportunity as a youngster and would love to provide this to my son.

I have been around racing for 30+ years and never have seen a death. What happened?

My thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of Scotty Miller. God rest his soul.

Bill Hall

I would like to take this opportunity to share a thought with you guys. Back in the "old-days". If a rider did a "block-pass", it was considered being cut off and usually there were some very harsh words or blows exchanged after the moto. I have raced and I would rather give the other racer racing room and know that I beat him with my riding skill and not by endangering him and myself with a "block_pass". Any opinions?

Go with God young Scotty Miller. You are in a safe place now where you are truly forever. Intime, Scotty's parents will understand. My heart and well wishes go to them.

If by chance, family and friends of Scotty are reading this forum please bare in mind that one day, we will all be with lost loved ones.

God bless


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