McGrath to ride the yz426F

McGrath Races 426, Vuillemin The YZ250F

Posted by Bob VanOrden @ 10:56 CST

This From Tony Williams:

I just got back from the 3rd annual Over The Hill Gang motocross, sponsoredby Yamaha Parts. The Yamaha representatives there tell me that Jeremy McGrath may be riding the works YZ-426F at this Sunday's Mammoth Mountain "Open Pro" race. David Vuillemin is scheduled to ride the newly introduced YZ-250F in the 125 Pro class. It was also rumored that Vuillemin will also ride his usual YZ250 in the 250 Pro class.

And since these races were a month ago we know this report is complete BS. :-)

Did not happen.

Opps my bad I didnt pay attention to which race it was. I just saw it under a site that I was browsing through and thought I would share some Yamaha 4-Stroke info on a Yamaha 4-stroke web site. I guess maybe you should be a smart about it a write something like you did.

Can't we all just get along!!! :)

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