DSP carbon fiber airbox installation

I have succumbed to peer pressure and purchased the DSP airbox with boot. Hasn't arrived yet but wanted to know if anyone with it on could post some installation instructions/tips? It may be an easy installation but if not, my novice mechanical skills could use any assistance.


Mitch mentioned it although not in super specific detail. You will have to remove your subframe to get it on. I would guess the silencer on your pipe will have to be unbolted from your subframe, side panels, seat. I am assuming once you get the box, it should be a straight forward bolt on, unless you have alignment problems as Mitch did.

I will give it a go....


- tank

- seat

- side panels

- loosen subframe, actually, remove subframe bolt

- Remove rear brake assembly from frame

- remove exhaust (not header)

- remove rear fender

- Loosen the airbox

- Unbolt the hotstart from the frame

- Tilt frame to side. Approach from left side of bike and tilt frame to right (throttle side)

After removing all bolts from airbox and loosening the boot, slide out the airbox and remove the boot as well as the velocity stack.

Installation (from memory)

- Install the velocity stack

- Reposition the hotstart as it will hot go back in correctly. You will be unable to align it correctly.

- There is no hotstart intake into the airbox. So, get a small hose, about 4 inches long, attach to the hot start nozzle on the button and zip tie a small piece of filter to the hose to prevent crap from getting in. (this will need to be changed regularly)

- The nozzle on the carb that runs the hose to the hot start. Block that with a piece of rubber of something that wont fall off.

- Then install the carbon air box. You will notice how much larger it is and that there is no seperate boot. Not a problem though.

- The airfilter position is a bit of a trick. There is no guiding hole. ALSO, you may need to file down the tall part of the airfiler platic frame (the white frame that the filter wraps around).. The spot where the large washer anbd bolt go through to attach it to the airbox as the bolt that fixes the filter in place is not long enough. You know the part, the top part of the filter frame, about 1cm tall that does not really need to be there...

- Then, put the bike back together..

I think that was it.

Good luck...

I will get some photo's this weekend.. PROMISE....

Thanks a bunch Mitch. Pictures would definitely be great too. My gut tells me that alot of the forum's readers will be buying this thing and will probably need help putting it on like myself.

Buy the way guys removing the Carby from a 99 or 98 model with the complete air box and CF snorkle installed is NOT straight forward. You must remove the exhaust tail section, remove the top subframe bolt, lossen the two lower sub frame bolts, rotate the subframe backwards and then remove the carb after disconnecting everything from the carb--throttle cabels etc.

With all my jetting projects I'm now a pro at taking off the carby. I think the 00 model may be a little easier as the carb appears to be a little smaller.


Hey Richard,

Did you get that airbox on yet?? Inquiring minds want to know (that and the performance improvement).

Haven't received it yet from DSP. Will keep you updated.

One additional note on installation if you have the full DSP air box and are running a aftermarket spring pay real close attention to the clearance between the top of the spring and the air box snorkle. I had to use a Yamaha spring to get the clearence. The Yam springs are just a scosh smaller in overall diameter and a little shorter in overall length.

If you miss this you will wear a hole through the CF air box and let dirt directly into the carb.

Pay close attention



You better keep making that WR lighter. I just got my yoshi pipe for my DRZ. I am waiting for my main jets and heavy duty front tube. I think that I will be heading for Houston Valley this Sunday. I am not sure yet. You know there are some Scrambles coming up in the next few weeks. Are you ready? Let me know.


David M Smith

BYR Racing


If my WR gets any lighter I'll have to weld weights to the frame to keep it on the ground. Chilidog, my brother-in-law (Bill), and I are going to either meet up at Houston Valley or the TNT property Saturday to ride. A couple of guys on XR's want to go to. They were giving me hell a couple of weeks ago when I first rode with them. They were implying that I would have a hard time keeping up because the WR is a "desert" bike and not made for the woods. After a couple of rides I think they were taken back at the speed of this bike through the tight trails (don't really think it was due to the rider; I just twisted the throttle and held on for dear life). And I still have the piece of **** front stock tire and my rear tire is well past the replacement stage. They want another shot at the title so I'll give it a go again. Don't know if I'll be able to get a kitchen pass for both Saturday and Sunday. I want to bring a camera and take pictures of "the goat trail". It'd be great to show some of the other guys on the post what a gnarly trail really looks like. If you have any information on the upcoming races, send them to me and I may try to enter a few. You should pick up a copy of the MX Action for July and read the story on the DRZ. There are a few mods that would probably help out. I think the August issue of Dirt Bike or Dirt Rider also has some mods that lighten the bike and make it more competitive.


If you go to dirtrider.net and then I think to Organizations. There are a bunch of posted races in the Southeast. Give me about two more weeks and I will be ready to get started. I was going to try and hit the one this weekend in Maplesville, Alabama. I just got to far behind with getting all my new parts installed, and the tire fixed.

I wish I could get in on the XR Bashing. That would be some real fun.

I am afraid of starting up my bike at home with the new pipe. I have a next door neighbor that is a real basket case. Her motorcycle riding husband just left her. HA HA HA.

See you on the trails soon.

I might have to bring my wife this Sunday. If I get the last part in for her new little scooter.


David M Smith

BYR Racing

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