Last weekend I met with some of the other posters from this site. Once we all met we took out for a great day of riding. After several hours we come back to the truck for some much needed water. While at the truck one of the other riders noticed oil on my boot. I looked and discovered I had some how busted my ignition cover. Day over. I loaded up and told every one good bye and felt pretty lucky that I hadnt seized the engine due to oil loss.So I call my local dealer and order a cover. He tells me its $92 I talked him down to $80 and feel preety good. :D The next friday I pick up the cover and put it on. The next morning we meet again And upon arriving I realize I had left my gear bag at home. So back home I go and Come back with my gear bag. We hit the trails. Im having a great time but just cant seem to get in my groove and even went down a couple of times. :D Then one of the guys has a flat and calls it a day. A couple of the other guys decide to go also. This leaves me and chillydog and we decide to do another loop. Life is good then it happens 2 miles from the truck I come over a hill and land right on the only BIG rock on the trail. It tosses me off the bike and as I go to pick it up I see radiator fluid going every where. I look and sure enuff The waterpump cover is broke off the brake pedal is bent through the generator cover. Chilly goes and gets some tools and comes back and we bend the brake lever out enough to unlock the back brakes. I let the bike cool down then ride to the top of the hill and cost back to the truck.Day over. So thats 3 busted covers and 1 bent brake lever in 2 rides. On each side of the bike even. :) So I figure at least my dealer gave me a good deal on the parts. Until I looked them up on the web today and found out the cover he was going to charge me $92 for but let me have for $80 retails for $72! :mad:Plus the water pump cover costs $32 the generator cover $85 and Get this (you may want to set down) the brake pedal $87! :D And these are the cheaper prices not the dealers prices. Plus hose pipes and o rings. All of the sudden I dont feel so good.


00WR FMF909 Teambend bars Airboxlid removed Baffle removed WR timing MSR raptor clutch lever Aceribis rally handgaurds Forks raised 10mm YZ tank Doug henry seat All lights removed

Hey Dog,

That really sucks. :D Sorry champ. Really. Sometimes luck takes a turn and sticks you where it hurts... Look at it this way, it cheaper than loosing your engine..... :)


From experience, I would much rather dish out the cash to fix my bike, than have to go through more surgery. Bodies can't be fixed quite as easy as your bike.

I have always said a good day at the track is one that you don't get hurt.

I, just like you though, would also be unhappy.

I agree with Kevin. It really sucks to have to shell out your hard earned cash for parts that aren't going to improve your bikes performance, but at least you don't have to mend yourself. I rode very gently for about 5 minutes today for the first time since the fourth of July. I spent my evening in the ER with a seperated AC joint in my shoulder and an extremely hyper extended thumb. I know it could be worse but everyone needs a pity party from time to time.

I definately don't want to make lite of your misfortune. I've had similar experiences and it's a real downer when your bike gets torn up. I hope you get your bike going and even the score with trails soon.

Better luck next time.

If you have not already, buy guards to fit wherever you can. Hand guards, radiator guards, guards, gurards, guards. It is upfront $$$ but will save you $$$$$$$ in the future. I don't know how many radiators, brake, clutch levels I would have had to purchase if it had not been for guards. Guess I go down a lot. Worth the investment. Look out for the big last rock in the future.


I feel your pain dog. Last week I bent my radiator and now this week I hit a stump in a ponyexpress and put a really large dent in my header pipe, bent my radiator again and bent a brake pedal. Anyone got any ideas of fixing the pipe. I am thinking about drilling a hole in the dent screwing something in there heating the pipe and pulling out the dent. Then brazing or welding over the whole. What do you think ? Or should I buy a new WB tapered head pipe to match my e-series muffler, anyone know what one costs in australia. Also my front wheel bearings are stuffed, whats the go about replacing them, how do I do it or should I take it into a bike shop. I think I will fix all the broken bits on my bike and buy some new plastics and then sell it. Its just a bit too big bike for me. I can get a brand knew 99' model cr125 for $7000. Anyone know much about this bike. Is anygood? I like the single center mounted radiator. I was thinking of setting up for bush riding. \

Seeya JAson


Sorry to here about the bad luck. If your looking for a good bash plate, I recently bought one by AC Racing that does a real good job protecting the ignition cover and water pump. In fact, it sticks out far enough that it would be tough to bend a brake pedal or shifter. I just went out and checked and at its thinnest point it measures .156 thick (aluminum). I paid about $65 locally. It uses the stock mounting holes with some included spacers and bolts. You may want to do a search on bash plates, but sounds like there are plenty of other good plates out there to choose from as well. The E-line looks real good too, but I passed on it due to price and the likelihood of unrepairable delamination that would occur in a crash like you had. An aluminum one like mine still probably would have bent badly, but it may have saved your covers and you might be able to bend the plate back into shape (at least once anyway).


I did not damage the muffler. I dented the header pipe.

I have had the pleasure of riding with UMAGUMADOG and a few others from this site for the past two weekends and have learned an enormous amount from these experienced riders. I tear up my bike due to inexperience and these guys tear up their bikes just to bad luck. I feel bad because the two times that we have rode together UMAGUMADOG has gone home with repairs to do. They say 3's a charm, but I hope this is the one time that is not the case. Hope you get back on the trails soon!!!!


Chillydogg / Georgia

Chilly dont feel bad stuff like this is expected and is normal for those of us on the trail. I had a great time riding with you and look forward to riding with you again. I found out about some trails in Alabama that sound alot like houston valley. Lets try and get together and go it sounds like it would take about 2 hours to get there from Atlanta on 20 west.By the way my bikes all back to gather but the water pump cover wich is on back order. :) Have you heard from anyone else lately.



00WR FMF909 Teambend bars Airboxlid removed Baffle removed WR timing MSR raptor clutch lever Aceribis rally handgaurds Forks raised 10mm YZ tank Doug henry seat All lights removed


There is a bright side....


Check around for the parts online you should be able to do better than the prices I saw you list. Brown Brothers Racing makes a cool billet brake lever that maybe cheaper than the stock one. The guys (one of the brothers) are pretty cool, if you give them a good story you many get the part for dealer cost ;-) (Ask for Duane, it's not a sure thing but if you ASK real nice and have your CC ready!!! )

BETTER luck and glad you're okay!


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F

Good to hear you got your baby back together. I talked to Richard and we are going to ride TNT property in the morning and maybe shoot over to Houston for the afternoon. I will give you a call if I don't hear from you by Friday afternoon.


Chillydogg / Georgia

Dog - glad to see that you're back in action. If Chilly doesn't answer back. We were planning on riding the TNT property or Houston Valley tomorrow. Doesn't matter to me where. Call Chilly or me (423-718-0891). The TNT property is a vacation compared to Houston Valley. Lots of 4th & 5th gear straights, jumps, and wider trails. I wanted Chilly to ride there just to have a change of pace. But I don't care if we ride at Houston Valley.

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