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Help needed to save the San Rafael Swell

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Most Utah and Colorado riders need your help to save our riding area in the San Rafael Swell area in Utah. This area lies just west of Moab and offers many of the same riding opportunities along with the dreaded 5-Miles-of-Hell trail.

Our Governor Mike Leavitt and the members of the Emery County Public Lands Council are planning to ask President Bush to designate another large National Monument in Utah. They want him to designate one of Utah’s most popular recreation areas as a new 620,000-acre national monument.

Because it is popular with off road enthusiasts, the San Rafael Swell has increasingly been the target of Wilderness Activist Group who wants to close off as much access as possible. The proposed San Rafael National Monument is being pushed as the solution to many problems. The result is that they will continue to press for wilderness designation (which is not precluded by monument designation). They will also continue to push for a change in the monument plan as soon as they think they have the opportunity, whether from a more green administration or from a Democratic controlled Congress. The plan can be changed at any time. Before this proposal goes any further it is critical that the President Bush hear from as many people as possible that this is a bad idea that would violate the Antiquities Act.

Please help us stop this! Send a short email to President Bush so he knows that some Americans still respect the letter and intent of the law. The USA-ALL website makes it easy for you accomplish this. It will only take 60 seconds of your time to save our riding area. With just a few mouse clicks, you can sign a petition that will be delivered to the President, send him an e-mail and automatically send copies to the Vice President, Interior Secretary Norton and Utah Governor Leavitt. You can also easily alert others you know and urge them to join with us in taking action. Please post this notice on any other off-road site you use. (4x4, ATV, mountain bikes included)

Thanks for your help!



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I logged onto the usa-all.com web site and followed the directions. It was very easy.

As a Utah resident, I have seen other land here in SLC, UT taken away from both motorcyclists and mountain bikers. This issue has an impact on everyone who enjoys outdoor recreation. Hopefully others will read your post and help before it's too late.


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