Hey all,

Tonight, 7:00pm, Brian Meadows and I will be meeting at the Marin Brewing Company....

This is an INVITE to all people in the general Bay Area to come along to the pub this evening and have a few brews, brrod over the girls and talk about bikes all night. If there are some female riders that are interested in coming along, great, we will brood over you... :)

All are invited and if you are interested, give me a call on 650 7041983.


This posting should be retitled to "Mitch Gets Second Chance".

Some of you may question my sanity in agreeing to meet the infamous "Mitch from Oz". I'm bringing my digital camera in case he is spotted - kinda like Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest or Yeti in the Himilayas.

I'm already preparing my statements for when people question the validity of a digital photo - a little too easy to fake these days.

I'll keep you posted on the hunt for the elusive "Mitch from Oz".


Hey All,

Brian, the nice guy that he is, has not realised that I caanot actually be photographed. The pictures usually come out all blurred. Dont know why :)

In any case, if you would like to see the person known as "Mitch from OZ", you'd better book now... :D

See you at 7:00pm

Oh, by the way, Brian, how will I know which guy is you? I know you are 6'4" and about 230lb's, but you will need to wear something obvious. I will be wearing a short, tight, black mini with 4" pumps. Pretty obvious as my legs are hairy... :D


Tan cargo shorts & blue polo shirt. Look for the guy that looks lost and doesn't belong in the place - that'll be me. Leave your name at the hostess station and let her know where you're sitting.

Do me a favor - do not wear nylons/pantyhose over the hairy legs. Even though you're staying in San Francisco, even they have standards....

Give me a call - 707-577-3559. I've tried your cell phone but keep getting a busy signal.


You cant tell me what to wear or what to do. It is just so typical of a man to tell a girl what they can and cant do... Next youll tell me I look fat in my outfit.... ou incosiderate bugga.... :)

See you later Dude. Dont forget to bring your surf board inside. It will look just so rad man.


you were doing sooo good until you got to the surfboard......


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