Headlight Replacement

I hate the look of the stock light! Your light looks way better. Where did you get those lights?

I picked these up at GI Joes (sports & auto parts store). I took the housing in and found a set of lights that matched the opening. Had to use a little flat aluminum bar stock to make the bracket but nothing to elaborate. I can send you a couple of pics of the back if you like.

Yes I would like to see your pics. I did find lights that looked like yours. They were fog lights, but they had 55 watt bulbs. Thanks

Quick update. You cannot run two 55 watt lamps on the stock stator. Dead battery in about 20 minutes. I will post the other pics tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.

Could you post the pictures here? What bulbs are you useing? Thanks

No. A "mil" is .001". 40 mil is .040"

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


come again.

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