Please take a moment to cast your vote!!

Please record your vote at: to show that you oppose Clinton's proposed Roadless initiative. Protect your right to ride on public lands!

Taken care of.



99 WR, all YZ mods, de-octopused, OEM YZ tank and IMS seat, jetting by Clark, got forked by Pro Action, WAITING IMPATIENTLY FOR MOAB!!



Amazing.... SO FAR, POLL SHOWS 95% OPPOSED TO CLINTON'S ROADLESS FOREST PLAN ON WHAT APPEARS TO BE AN ENVIRO SITE!! :) Keep up the good work letting people know about these.


Thanks for the heads up Bryan.

It looks like we slipped a little, down to 94% against.

My questions is for everyone is this: How can we obtain the final results of the poll? I suppose that if the poll is not in the enviro-site's best interest they just trash it. Any ideas?

I email the sponsoring web site asking them how I can obtain the final results. This is the kind of info needed to show our state and federal representatives. Especially if we prevail and the info was collected at a enviro site! Pretty objective info from my standpoint.

I sent a vote from work and one from home, thats two for the good guys!

The web master for the site hosting the pole indicated that when the pole closes, the results will remain on their site indefinately. Given the results are in our favor, I'm going to forward them to the chief of the USFS and see if I can get a reply. PLEASE HELP ME BLITZ THE SITE TONIGHT WITH VOTES!!!!!!!!

still holding at 94% against

another thing to do is to delete the cookie that site leaves behind, load that page again and vote again! Do this over and over! :D

Unless the site uses the IP address in which case im screwed with a dynamic IP :)

Hey guys,

An Aussie with a sympanthetic view must surely be allowed to vote on this issue. So I did. Good luck with your fight, we are having similar problems over here.

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