Anyone getting a WR250?

Are any of you guys going down to a WR250? If so, what made your decision? My dealer is telling me that I'll be happier on the 250 than my 400. He says the 20lbs will really be noticeable in the tight stuff and I wont be on the clutch as much. I rarely get my 400 out of 3rd gear so top end isnt an issue but I like the low end snap that my 400 has. I love doing wheelies and it is so easy on the 400! What do you think the power is going to be comparable to? If it is like a KTM250EXC or something I could be tricked. I hope it might be a bit easier to kick over than the 400 is. I think I have figured out how to start my 400 hot/cold now, it still takes a lot of energy for my out of shape body to kick over after a spill. Any of you guys have an opinion on the 250 that you would like to share?


I too, have already put down a deposit, actually 2, on the 01' WR250F. I've been out of the trail riding scene for about 6 years since my first of 3 kids were born and the wife and I could never find the time to ride so we sold our bikes, 86' XR250R and 89' XR100R.

I've been researching the various enduro bikes over the past 6 months in depth. I've looked at the XR250R, XR400R, DRZ400, KLX300, KDX220, and of course the WR400F which I had decided to get this coming year.

Thumnpertalk was very helpful and informative and gave me a lot of insite as to what to expect from the WR400F. My wife just laughs when she comes in the office and finds me reading all the Posts. :D

However, I intend to do a lot of trail riding in the mountains of Southern and Central Idaho which means some gnarly and rocky switchbacks and other nasty stuff. I rarely do much desert riding, let alone racing, which appears to be the WR400's specialty. I'd really hoped that Honda would have got off their collective butt's and got a water cooled 250 or 400 4-stroke into the market by now. Maybe we'll all be surprised in the near future? Who knows!

I, being a member of the vertically challenged and inseam deficient crowd, am only 5'-08" and about 160 lbs, found the WR400F a little tall and heavy, though managable. I'd tried the WR400F and YZ426F at my local dealer and to be truthful, the brief time in the saddle of the YZ426F convinced me that it should have a seat belt and a 5-point harness to keep the rider aboard! The WR400F was more managable in stock form for my purposes, but it still seemed to be too much for my intended trail riding use. With no other alternative, save for the "Yellow" bike (couldn't bring myself to go Suzuki, though it is a neat bike), I'd decided to go with the WR400 and plan on some re-gearing to make it more managable in the tight, steep stuff. Torque is your friend in the rocky switchbacks of the Sawtooth mountains and the neighboring mountain ranges.

Then Yamaha comes out with the answer to my prayers with the WR250F! I debated a couple of days over the choice between the 250 and 400 and decided "Light was Right" and plopped down the deposit(s). I'll only get one of the two WR250F's I've got deposits down on, but the dealer I really want to get it from has me down #2 on the list for an April 2001 delivery, I hope this changes with the finalized allocations of WR250's due anytime now. The other dealer has me down #1 on the list for a February 2001 delivery. I'll use the other deposit for one of the other "blue" bikes I'm planning on in 2001.

Either way, I win. The family is going bike crazy this coming year. I get the WR250F, the wife gets a TTR-125L (to replace her XR100R), Son #1 gets a TTR-90, Son #2 gets a PW50 (or possibly an XR50R, I like it better than the PW50 since it's a Thumper :D and the PW50 is a "Ring Ding" :).

Sorry, for I ramble, but damn, I'm getting impatient for that bike to get here! Right now, all I've got is this forum and my fellow dirt bike soul mates, which are both quite entertaining. My wife got a real kick out of Rick Graham's post regarding his wife buying him a new WR400 as a surprise gift. All the replys from the other members with offers for his wife were good for a lot of laughs around this house! :D

Meanwhile, I dream of the first detailed tests on the WR250F and dream of at least 36 HP, bullet-proof reliability (it's a 4-stroke), excellent torque, and 100+ miles to the tank to make my favorite trail loops in Idaho a blast! :D

I have a deposit on order for a WR250, I believe it will be the 250 4 stroke I've been waiting for, for a damn long time. My 99WR400 has been great and I'll make a comparison when I have the 250(sometime probably in march). I just feel it's going to be a better tighter trail machine than the 400, alot lighter and more nimble. From the current Trail Rider magazine; "We pinned down Randy Hawkins at the Rhody National, and he admitted riding a prototype, and said it was insanely great, and that he couldn't wait to race one in the off road events". All the press from people who have been on the machine is this bike is going to be very good. Again I won't be able to compare untill I have the 250 in the stable next year, can't wait. The 400 is a powerfull machine, what will the 250 feel like after being on the 400, how to use it's power are all questions I have, the answers will come in time. Get your deposit down now if you can still find one. My WR400 is insanely easy to start hot cold or after a fall, hope the 250 is as easy :).


99 WR400




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