What is your favorite front tire?

On another thread front tire have been discussed to improve the cornering on WR's. My question to everyone is what is your favorite tire. I am not looking for a guess. I want to know from those of you who have tried several tires and found the perfect one. Thanks for the info.

I use the 756. Works well for me.

My favorites is the Michelin S12. Works wonderful almost everywhere east of the Mississippi. Haven't tried areas west of the Mississippi yet.

Dunlop 755's are great in my opinion, another one I'm just trying out, out of curiosity is an IRC IXO7, and I am very impressed. The most recent ride was in the Black Hills SD, during a very wet weekend and this tire was excellent. I'll have a better opinion in a few weeks after my ride in Colorado. just came off a Michelin Enduro Comp III, and was not impressed at all, have a Michelin M12 on the back which I do like.

Just my worthless opinions on tires.


99 WR400




I switched my front tire to a Dunlop 756 about a month ago. I am happy to report it works very good. I have been running the Dunlop k490 on my last few bikes, a good all-around tire. The 756 works better in sand & mud, it doesn't work quite as well on the road.


Dunlop 752 with all the center knobs cut off

(the center knob where there are three knobs across, around the circumference.)

Skinko 540..

There is NOTHING on this planet that will handle like a 540.. Soft-dry.. NOT hard



**Ride it like you Stole it!**

Matt Porritt

99 YZ400F

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When it comes to grip the Metzler MC5 range of tyres works great.

Dunlop 756 or Michelin Enduro Competition III. In that order.


Michelin H12 front and back for dry, hard, rocky conditions.

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