Complete Guts Racing Tall Seat for SALE

I put a tall soft foam and cover on from Guts Racing and it is too tall for me. So I purchased a new IMS seat complete which I'm now using. So I have a complete Seat with new Guts Racing tall foam (Soft) and their seat cover a gripper seat cover black on top with blue sides for sale. This seat is built up on my previous IMS seat base so it is compatible with the YZ tank or a IMS tank but not the stock WR tank. So any of you tall guys interested??? $90 fot the complete seat.


Hey Clark, I just ordered the tall seat foam from Guts with stock hardness for the WR seat. With the tall foam on the YZ seat can you really get that much farther up forward? IF it was too tall for you how would it be or a 6'5" guy? How tall are you?


Im short at 5'9" and previoulsy had my suspension shortened about 3/4 of an inch. I was hoping the taller seat would make the transition for seated to standing easier on long rides. It did do this but the added seat height put me backup in the air where I have trouble reaching the fround with my feet again! The seat is easy to move forward and back on its just a little tall for me.


Say Clark, how do you like that new IMS seat? Is it softer than the stock one (I hope so). Does it have the IMS logo on it?

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