Stator problem?

My '98 WR was the best bike I have ever owned, and I've had more than a few, but... during the last couple of months, has been hard to start and is running rough at lower throttle settings and is getting worse. Also out of ideas so took it to a dealer who claimed it had low compression. I disagreed because it had heaps of compression throughout the time of trouble. I suggested he put a squirt of oil in the bore and try again this time with proper measuring gear. He got back to me to say, compression OK, but he thought it was the stator breaking down as he got variable voltage readings when kicking it over and the spark looked weak ... oh and that will be $370Aus + labour thankyou! He also claimed that he knew of a couple of other WR of same model having this trouble, the stator being replaced on warrantee. Mine is 22mths old i.e. out of warrantee. The theory being; weak spark = hard to start = flooding =

fouled plugs and 'washed' cylinder = lower compression. He could well be right about the stator, but I need to know for sure before he installs a newie (I have a temporary liquidity problem at


1/. Does anyone know if stators are a problem area on this model?

2/. Is there a cheap,/easy way to check a stator.

3/. Could these problems be something else, eg capacitor in spark plug cap, poor wire connections or carbi problems. Ideas please and quickly

Thanks heaps


West Oz

it sounds like the same problem my 98 had

my dealer said the same things

this is what i did

#100 main air jet

#50 piolet

stock needle

hope this helps

You can get the stators rewound for less than 1/2 that price.

If you don't fix it then the bike wil just quit after about 1hr running (or less) and you'll have a long push home!

Get the bike hoome and it'll start.. mate had same probs on a YZ250.. when hot it would short and not supply enough spark.

Was he testing it with a new plug and a different HT lead??



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do u have your workshop manual?if so take it to your dealer and bash him around the head with it and tell him to " R T B " (read the book)as this will have correct method of check the stators and any other electronic components. If u don't have the manual the dealer should.If not try anotherd dealer.

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