starting troubles

Hey all. I just finished a top end rebuild on an '02 426. It used to start first kick, no gas, all the time. I installed HotCams as part of the rebuild, and it now has auto decompress.

Here's the issue I am having. I can kick and kick, choke on or off, but in order to get it to fire up I need to blip the throttle a bit. NEVER had to do that before. Runs like a champ once it is started. Idles great, and no hesitation, bogging, or popping.

What do you think, pilot jet? Thanks. I'm a little bored at work today :banghead: so figured I would hop on here and see what the response was before I take apart the carb tonight.

whats wrong with giving it a little blip to get it going if it runs perfect everywhere else? many ppl would die to have no bog, no hesitation etc... and if they had they're bike working perfect and they had to blip the throttle to get it going im sure they wouldnt mine. so before u tear into the carb just remember, "if it aint broke, dont fix it." just my .02

is your idle set low? i would check that

I always used to give my 426 a blip when starting from cold - whatever works for you is the way.

The idle seems to be just fine. Maybe I should just leave it be. Weird though, I have never had to blip it before. Does anyone else need to blip?

is your idle set low? i would check that

Ding ding ding we have a winner.

Alot of people run the idle on these bikes alot lower than what Yamaha specifies (including me)

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