A jetting question 4 Mr Dean

Hi James,

I have bought a EKP needle and was wondering about jetting?

My bike is as follows:

98'WR YZ timed,

air box lid removed,


CRD exhaust (approx 41hp @ 92-3dbls)

mainly sea level in England (so cold air most of the time) at present i run a DVP needle, 48 pilot, 175-180 main, 2 turns on pilot screw

The present set-up works great (thanks Clark) but after reading your post on the EKP needle, i got excited as i ride mainly woods and more boost in the mid power range sounds great. Any help much appreciated. Thanx


Try the EKP needle in the 3rd clip with a #165 to #170 main. The exhaust looks to be quiet at 92-3dbls, is this very restrictive? Were you using clip #3 or #4 with the DVP? Your results would be helpful. I'll try to keep track of all the feedback.

James Dean

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Hi James

I tried the EKP needle this weekend with a 172 main ( i had the jet already) there was most definitly an increase in the mid range, pulling a higher gear seemed alot less work for the bike 'more torque great'...I've ordered a 170 main aswell so i'll try it next weekend at a hair & hounds race.

As for the exhaust, well I guess it doesn't flow as much as DSP, Biggun etc, but here in England they are very strick on soundlevels (94dbls), the CRD unit is a french exhaust designed for the YZ/WR and improves power over the WR without baffle. crd-international.com

they also do a titanium SX tapered system which only puts out 98dbls.

As for the DVP needle i had it on the 4th clip.

James thanks for all your pearls of carb' wisdom.

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