idiots!!! part 2!!

only joking!!!! 1st day of riding my bike today,my mate blew me away all time when i had my last bike klx250,he has got dr400,all i can say is i never saw him THIS TIME!!! the POWER! COOL! my mate is selling his dr !and you no what he,s buying next?i didnt want to let him on my new bike ,i did in the end though just so he could see for himself how good the wr is,he came back smileing and saying a got to get me one of those!g,bye suzuki! HELLO YAMAHA!

you suck and so does your buddy!!!

just kidding!!!!! i lust figure i would be the one to start it this time :) .

Did you do all of the free mods yet? I rode mine about 5 times before I started messing with it. It was my first mew bike and I babied it for a long time before I ripped into it. I also figured it was better to break it in without the stop trimmed. And I just went from a 125 to the blue beast so it was nice to get the feeling of the power slowly. I think that really helped me handle it better, otherwise i woulda ripped my arms off and crashed like crazy with all that power from the get-go.

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