flat spot

i've got a small flat spot just of idle and it is really pissing me off....right in the power sweet spot i use for climbing slippery steep hill climbs

any help would be great

Is this something new for your bike? What are your current carb settings, mods, model and year?

I had the carb off striped and cleaned & reassembled now there is a flat stop at low engine rpm with high load eg(steep slippery clay hil)checked adjustment of throtle cable and accelerator pump clearance .I had the carb of because of h20 in carb and the bloody thing won't run.

The bike is going fine apart from the flat spot.........help as i enjoy the steep techy hill climbs.

Did you make sure that your pilot screw is set at the corect position ?

The reason I ask this is that put in a carbon fibre air box, and a few more disks in the E-Series, a 48 pilot and 170 main.

It was now a rocket right through the rev range, ecept the flat spot right off the bottom, then I went out another 1/2 a turn on the pilot screw, and it's 99.9% perfect.


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Have you sorted the problem out? Was there moisture or crud in the carb still?

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