YZ pipe

I can't be sure about the 2000 WR, however I have a stock YZ pipe on my 99 model. I fits straight on and was a huge improvement over the standard Australian model WR muffler which has no removable baffle. I had to have the bike re jetted to suit the new muffler. You will need to buy a longer bolt for the rear mount, together with the special rubber grommet and a large washer.

A '99 YZ pipe will fit the '00 WR. Just need the longer bolt, grommet, and washer. Fit's perfectly.

Thanks guys, but I forgot to mention, his pipe is from a '98 YZ, would it be the same as a '99?

I'm interested in buying the YZ400 pipe that Chris in the Mojave is selling, does anyone know if it will fit my '00 WR?

Thanks, Gil

Yes it's the same.

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