I'm so tired of the eco-nazi regime!!!!

I just got done watching a TV segment of govt. policy when it comes to our access to public lands. By the time I was done I wished I have gone to law school to fight the eco-nazi regime full time! This show sites so many examples of farmers, loggers, miners, and other recreationalists that were been denied their livelyhoods and recreation all wrapped in the politically correct name of conservation and environmental concerns. These wackos are not going to stop until our bikes are confiscated and we are all driving electric cars! At the end of the show, Fox News asked for comments. PLEASE TAKE A FEW SECONDS TO EXPRESS YOUR CONCERNS at:


Thanks for listening to my venting and please do your part in fighting for our rights to ride on public land!!

Take some time today to post your comments for Fox News about the Clinton Land Grab please.

I'll be sending mine off shortly. These things get easier once you have written a few. I save them as text files and then you can just cut and paste the appropriate rant.....

I heard the program on Fox was very good, but I didn't get to see it. I should be getting a copy shortly, when I do if anybody wants a copy E-mail me...Tim.


99 WR400




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