Fair price on an '07 450 ?

Since the '08's are starting to show up, whats a fair price for an '07 right 450 now?

I got a le about 3 weeks ago now for $5,300, but alot of places are sold out on these models now. Good luck they sure are sweet!

This is a picture of mine


I paid 6k even for mine out the door 3 weeks ago. Without the California tax it would have been about 5500. You can find them priced to move if you look around.

wow you guys good some sweet deals on yours. I had mine since December and paid MSRP for it + taxes + warranty + :blah: :blah: :blah: . Total came out to 9k :crazy:


9500 with my mods. except my clutch

$5700 OTD this week in upstate NY. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

07 450f SE 6,199 OTD by S.F. 4 months ago.

i remember when my bike looked as pirty as in the above pics. THe only thing about winter im looking forward to is cleaning it and fixing it up so it looks spankin new for the spring:applause:

I'm seeing 07s for 4500 used but with suspension, new chain, sprockets, tires etc. FWIW...06s for 3900

i payed $8096 after taxes + all the BS for mine OTD 1 month before the 08s came out. i was so angry at myself becuz i didnt even think about it.

My 07 was 5499.00 3 weeks ago!

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