Is $2975 a deal for this '03 450F?

seems like a fairly good deal for the bike, but find out how many hours it has and if hes rebuilt the motor at all. if the motor has been rebuilt atleast once than thats a sign that the bike has been riden hard...but with all of those goodies it comes with it seems pretty good to me. might want to check the local cycle trader to see how much the 03's are going for though...

Sounds good to me, but nap kxf is right about the engine. PM the seller and ask him about it. All the aftermarket parts sound good and its not a bad deal, but i'm sure you could get it down to about $2700 :thumbsup:

hmm..sounds pretty good compared to what i've seen..i got my 03 for $ a stand..and 2 sets of new tires..owners manual..and 2 quarts of oil..but had to buy radiators for $200..becuz they wer torked..not leaking though..i couldn't be happier with my 03!

ohh..woops..that guy is asking how to fix his new clutch he put in that i dont know if its a deal..look at his thread he has currently..

if you get a clean report of maintenance you should jump all over that bike :thumbsup:

title, owners manual, and original triangle stand are great signs :applause:

and the bike sounds tricked out with goodies and a great upkeep of wear parts were mentioned such as bearings,tires,and new chain/sprockets

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