07 What stock tires?


What are the stock tires on the 07 WR 450?

How are they for enduro?

If they suck I am thinking about MT 16s


the front is a dunlop d 739fa 80/100/21

the rear is a dunlop d 756 110/100 /18

they look like the same tires my old cr500 came with and they were fine . but I have never run these on this bike I pulled them off to put on a street legal tire

The rear offers great traction, but isn't lasting too long.

The front offers no grip or confidence. I had the same feeling on my old TT-R as it had the same front tire. Would replace it but I'm cheap. When the time comes, I'm goin to a 756 on the front.

739 on the front will scare the crap out of you if you ride on anything remotely slippery. Get rid of now, even if its new. D756 on the front is the way to go.

On the rear, you won't have to wait long before the 756 is gone. The Pirelli is a good choice. Its durable and would work good on the rear, but not on the front for where I ride and my riding style.

I ride enduros and desert scrambles and have learned to change my tires much more frequently since they are usually worthless long before they look it. My favorite combo is the D756 front and the D952 rear. But I ride desert where its dry, sandy and silty.

My favorite combo is the D756 front and the D952 rear. But I ride desert where its dry, sandy and silty.

Thats what I'm gonna do eventually hopefully Santa is nice this year.

You ever ride hollister?

have run the MT16's for 3 years. good tire f/r. I run 14 psi front and 12 psi rear. Some run less pressure, but the combined weight of me and the bike is about 100# more than these 160# guys on bikes that weigh 30# less. Hard hits on sharp rocks have ruined my day (pinched tube) before I switched to the MT16 tire. Has not happened yet with the MT's. It's one of the few tires that is rated for all 3 terrains- soft/intermediate/hard and has proven to be tough enough for the WR450 and rocky N.E. trails.

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