XR650R Fork Re-Spring Help

Hey Kids:

Going with a 4.3 tank, plus I'm bigger than your average bear (around 2 bills). Need to increase the front springs with Eibachs. I've never messed with forks. I do not wish to re-valve. I've already spent more on this bike than I should have, so trying to balance cost and performance. I have the manual. So a couple of questions. It seems changing out the springs would not be a big deal. Just pull the cap, replace the springs, pour out and install new oil, new cap seals/o rings and put it back together. Right? No need to mess with the shims, etc.? Also, I read somewhere that going with 47 and greater springs requires a re-valve. Really? Could it be more of a recommended procedure and not necessarily required? I'll have to look up the chart again, but seems I wanted 47 springs, but again, don't want to re-valve if I can help it. Riding desert and dirt roads/trails mostly. Went with an 11 shock spring already. Thanks.

Revalving is a very good thing on this bike and is the number one most needed mod. Thinner fluid is a big, big improvement. If you are not a fast, hard rider you might get away with not revalving for a while but, stiffer springs need more rebound control. This is Physics.

There is a lot help on this web page on how and what;


It is vary important that you keep the front and back spring in time with each other. There are spring charts on that web site.

Change the fluid!!!!!! It is whale snot and will rust your rebound shaft. It is very little money to port and reshim the valves if you do it yourself. It is not that hard but, does take some time to make the tool and make sure you read/understand everything as you do it.

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