tech 8 boots

:) Andy, I just bought myself some Tech 8's, they are the boots that God wears! Mine are so comfy straight from the box, I can't believe it!

I have nearly a size difference in my feet(makes buying footwear...interesting) and I can Honestly say I have NO problems with these boots so ....It must be you LOL! :D

Originally posted by Guy:

I have nearly a size difference in my feet...

Is it your LEFT foot that's bigger? I may be on to something here... :)

thanks for the input lads, first off rich my feet are both the same size and i bought a size bigger the only way i can get into them is if i put the inner boots on first. dont get me wrong once there on they fit real well. guy they are the boots worn by god..

i bought some alpinestar tech8 boots at xmas, i found it hard to get my left foot into them, thought they would wear in but after about six rides i have to stamp my left foot hard to get into it, right foot no bother. has anyone else had this problem or are they just made that way. and no jokes about club feet... :)

Repeat this to yourself as you get dressed out:

Right boot-right foot

Left boot-left foot...

No, seriously though, I heard a rumor that all Tech 8's are intentionally made with the left boot smaller. Something about "enhanced shifting accuracy"....

Or maybe all that driving in the left lane has somehow caused your left foot to grow disproportionately large...

Sorry, I got on a roll... :)

No, no this is really it. I think Tech 8's do fit a bit more snugly than other boots (at least they fit me more snugly than my last pair did.) Everyone's right and left feet are a little different sized. I'd bet that since Tech 8's are a closer fit, you just notice it more. I also had to go up a size with the Tech 8's relative to my previous boot. Also, do you put the booties on first, then insert your foot in the boot? They go on a lot easier that way.

:D Rich....sorry to rain on your parade BUT it's my RIGHT foot which is bigger!

Oh well, it was a good theory while it lasted :)

I had a minor problem with the tech 8 and i called the mfg and they turned me on to free straps and lots of help-give them a call, they were very helpful to me. Mark

Maybe this is a dumb suggestion, but did you try adjusting those ankle gel pads??? I always have found any new boot to be stiff, but they do seem to feel equal in their stiffness. Hope that helps.

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