Anybody Know Anything About Snowmobiles?

Up here in CAnada we get a lot of snow and i was wondering if anybody out there knew anything about snowmobiles? i found a smoking deal on a new 98' yamaha mountain max 700. has anybody heard of these snowmobiles? are they any good? I heard they have as much as 120hp :) any information would be helpfull.


It's a heavy beast. Just don't get it stuck in deep powder unless you want a good shoulder workout. Haven't riden that Yamaha in particular very much, but it is very fast in a straight drag. I prefer lighter/smaller sleds with long tracks just because of where and how I like to ride.

What model of 700 is it? Mountain Max 700 single pipe or Mountain SRX? The SRX is a heavy pig that wasnt any good in the deep snow. The older Yamaha Mountain Maxes werent the best deep snow sleds compared to the competition but if you were buying it cheap enough then it would be OK. The newer ones are alot better sleds. How cheap is it? No, I dont want to buy it or anything, I have an Polaris XCR800 with HTG pipes.

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