'04-'05 EXC Chassis Differences ?

Are there any chassis or handling differences between the '04 and '05 EXC's? I know that the swingarms are different but are they the same length? The '05 went to an oval frame member at the swingarm area but is the overall geometry the same? With identical suspension setup would these two bikes of the same engine size handle exactly the same?

No...The oval frame tubes are supposed to add rigidity, and effect the handling. Some have posted night and day differences and others have posted a slight improvement, but I can't recall any one having said no difference.

I believe that they are very similar except for the oval frame tubes. They may also have eliminated the middle bushing in the forks in '05.

Thanks. I couldn't recall any major differences between the two. I really like my '05 and have the opportunity to pick up the same bike in an '04 model for my son and didn't want to hear any complaining :)

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