strange noise

after installing a gytr AIS removal kit on my 07 wr, i noticed a quiet, high pitched whistling sound coming from the engine area on the bike. the only thing i can imagine it would be is a small exhaust leak in the silver cap i installed...but i tightened the hose clamp around it pretty tight, so im not sure if that's where the noise is coming from. any ideas?

High pitch whining usually indicates a vacuumme leak. Try spraying carb cleaner on the area while the bike is running. If the engine speeds up, you have found the leak. Hope that helps

well its not really a whistling sound...its more of high pitched tapping sound that goes at the same rate as the exhaust noise. i can only hear it at idle or very low rpm. and the bike never made this sound before i installed the AIS removal kit

I could just be your carb's slider/throttle valve, when air is sucked in, it vibrates - it's normal if that is the noise that you're hearing...

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