Please Help! 07 450r Wont Start!

Hi All! My husband and I changed our air filters for the first time last night, I saturated the air filters like they said, but apparently too much b/c they it was leaking a lot out of the bike after we reinstalled it. When he tried to crank it, it cranked for about 1 1/2 secs then backfired, and we can't get it to cranks since! We have taken the air filter out to squeeze out excess but it had already drained all the excess out. What in the world could it be? I know all you smart guys know something! ;)

Please help, as I have no idea what else to do! :excuseme:

Thanks so much!!


take out the plug and see what it looks like.

Im afraid to ask ... how long did you ride it before changing the filter?

Did you wash the filter? In water? Was it dry before oiling? What kind of oil used?

Thanks for the reply guys! Well... honestly it was too long to change the filter... but we did it straight by the manual, used a air filter spray cleaner, rinsed in warm soapy water, rinsed with water, dried almost completely, there was very little dampness to it, there was too much oil I am sure of that...

about the spark plug, the tool that came with it will not remove it, it is too big for it, it just spins around and around... don't know how to get it out now... we don't have any other tool that could/would work :(

keep the comments coming, they are much needed! thanks!


If you tried to start the bike and air filter was over oiled you probaly sucked oil into the carb and clogged some orifices and/or jets. I would remove the carb and disassemble it and clean it completely.

When oiling the air filter; saturate it completely; squeeze out all excess; let it completely air dry before installing and staring.

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