x-games is on

what do you think we will see tonight in the FMX best trick:excuseme: my guess is.........body flip?


nvm :bonk:

what time is the best trick.....scateboarding is on

ESPN, just realized that there is a thread in TS, which is "non dirtbike related"....my bad admin. i though this was DIRTBIKE related.

Scott Murray is supposed to do another double flip:rolleyes: . I'm kinda mad because when Travis did it I was so stoked and now some guy comes by and does like 4 (since July 20th) like its no big deal. IT'S A HUGE DEAL... Oh well I'm still pumped to see best trick though.

WOAH! Loza did a body varial. 94.20

the body varial was done like 3 years ago. not impressed.

Double Flip = Carnage for Mcmurrary

Kiss of Death Backflip = Sick

the body varial was done like 3 years ago. not impressed.

Your correct but this was different. Caruthers was horizontal and Loza was vertical. I saw video of Pastrana trying it like Loza many years ago and he could never get it.

Whos the girl who replaced Jamie?

yeah i want jamie little back, the new girls a ho :lol:

She was a Hoe, For sho! bahaha

She was a Hoe, For sho! bahaha

I looked her up. Her name is Kim Pressler and she is the 1999 Miss USA

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