WR400 Mods for Street!

I guys (gals). I just finished my mods to my WR for the street and can share with you what I learned. The factory tailight has a brake light element already there. Just peel back the seat and you will see the wire there for the brake. I got a generic "pull" type brake switch and mounted it above the right foot peg and drilled a hole in the brake lever arch. I took 12volts from the light circuit to the tailight and ran it through this switch and back to the tailight wire. Voila!! Works great! Second, I added a bicycle mirror from Canadian Tire along with a small bell. I added a bracket between handlebar clamps for swithes. If you remove your headlight assembly, you will see that there is also a factory lightbulb which is ready to accept a lowbeam wire in the plug. (the bike is shipped with Hi beam enabled) Find an old bike and take the terminal from the headlight plug out and put it in the WR's. Now, wire the headlight with a switch and indicator light so that you now have hi beam and low beam with the hi beam being indicated on your bracket. This is also a great place to add a hi beam/low beam switch as well. Take a semi-flexible metal bracket to the rear of the bike and bend it to accept your licence plate. You can mount the bracket to the one nut which is holding the tailight assembly in place. Do add Loctite to make sure the nut does not come loose and bend the bracket so the plate is angled back a bit so as not to interfere with the rear wheel during jump landings. I then added a CCM speedo/computer for bicyles to the handlebar. By cutting and extending the sensor wire, it will work great by mounting the magnet in the brake rotor assembly and adding the pickup to the plastic fork protector with a small screw. Make sure the speedo you buy has a twin wire and not a coax type wire going to the pickup. This makes for adding the extension so much easier using an old piece of auto speaker wire or something similar. Last, I purchased a pair of small, flexible signals from Scott Summers Racing (have webpage) and mounted them to the rear fender just ahead of the tailight. At the front, I purchased a pair of Lockhart mini-stalk turnsignals and mounted them using rubber to the upper fork clamp bolts. By adding an indicator light and switch to the bracket between the handlebar clamps and adding a flasher from Canadian Tire as well, the unit works just great. If you happen to find a speedo from an old Yamaha, they work great as well and usually will have all the indicator lights housed inside. You can also buy a handlebar control for the left side from a used or damaged bike and use it for the hi beam and signal switch. I've done this before on a WR 200 2-stroke.

Any questions as to wire colour etc. reply and I'm happy to help.

Tim Willms :)

Hey Timbo, nice job. Thanks for the great econo dual sport instructions. I wish I would have seen this before I bought my Baja Designs kit. I got the stripped down kit so I could do my own turn signals and mirror etc.. Saves a bunch off the full kit price. Hope to install soon. Baja says you need to run a lower watt headlight bulb to avoid overload or dimming during signaling or something.??? Have you noticed any problems with headlights and blinkers on at the same time? I hate to loose my 60 watt beam for the sake of turn signals. Also are you going to hook up a battery?

I run the 55/60 bulb with no problems, the 00 has a 130 watt stater.


I am amazed at your patience and creativity. Thanks for sharing your work...I think I will still just by the baja kit and do it 1 2 3.

I live in BC and am curious what province you are in. Did you have any trouble getting your WR registered and street legal. Are you using a plastic tank?

Trent in BC

Hey Timbo,

I have a few more questions on how you modified your wr for street. Please email me with your email address.



Nice summary...

Does the flasher work without a battery, or did you add a battery?

Most guys prefer the hydraulic switch for reliability. My dualsport '91 KX500 had a generic pull switch but mud and grit got in it after so many wet rides making it work inconsistently.

Watch where you put speaker wire when you mount up a setup like this because the speaker wire will eventually disconnect mid-span if it gets flexed thousands of times. It shows no outward signs of damage, the speedo just quits getting the signal. Cut the sheathing off the wire and the copper will be broken within. Best to use the bicycle odo wire where the flex points are.


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Hi Timbo, Great post - I have a couple of questions for you relating to the turn signals. I am partway there and right now have the appearance of legality: License plate bracket installed, mounted turn signals, mirror, brake light switch. I need help with the turn signal wiring. I was told I need a "halfwave rectifier" and a "gel cell" to provide DC for the turn signals. It appears that you did not do this. Exactly which flasher did you get from CTC? How did you wire it in?

Trent - I live in Edmonton, when I asked at the registry what I needed to do to get my brand new WR400 street registered the guy said "hey no problem" and registered it. I hadn't done anything to it yet. I did the same thing with my XR400 last year. I think it is because the registries are private here and just want the business - I will almost bet that in more eco-anal BC they will hassle you more.

My dealer asked me if I wanted a green plate (offroad) or a white (street) plate. He said if I showed him proof of insurance he would register it with a white plate. There are some pits and trails within 5 miles of my house but I have to run on the street to get there (unless I trailer of course). There's enough traffic around my place that I would feel better if the turn signals were working.


'00 WR, Ottawa, Canada

Hey guys:

I know this has been covered before in this forum, but a lot of the parts you are looking for may be available through your Yamaha dealer. I live in Australia and our bikes come with all that gear. Front and rear brake light switches, speedos, headlights and blinkers. If you want I will get the part numbers from my local dealer.

Thanks GB, I have all the AUS part numbers - haven't yet asked my dealer if he can order. Everything I've purchased through my dealer has been super expensive. I just bought an aftermarket lower chain guide for $150 cdn. As far as street conversion goes I have everything I need except the rectifier for the turn signals I have already mounted. A wiring diagram would be nice as well.


'00 WR, Ottawa, Canada

I'll tell you guys how it works in Canada to get a WR400 licenced for the street. First of all, the have to be brand new, never licenced. All you do is take the NVIS registration form to the MTO and ask for licence plates. They dont know if the bike is a dirt bike or street bike. Yamahas and Kawis are easy, Hondas are a little trickier as the NVIS form says OFF ROAD USE ONLY right on it. A few buddies have just taken black marker and covered it up and gotten plates. If the bike has been licenced before you will need a safety slip and then you will need to have all the legal stuff. This was one of the biggest reasons I bought a brand new WR vs a used one. In Ontario, if you followed the letter of the law it would be too costly to safety check a dirt bike. Technically, you have to have a steel gas tank, high beam indicator etc.. but most mechanics will let some things slip by.

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