say bye bye to the purple frame!

i began my journey in getting rid of the purple frame.

i bought truck bedliner spray in the aresol cans. i bought these vs the roll on kind just to test out the durability. and let me tell you, this stuff is tough! i expected the aresol can spray to be a waste but it is the total opp.

i first sprayed the oil cooler guard, let it dry for 20 mins, then picked it up and threw it very hard against the brick siding of my house. NOT EVEN A CHIP in the bedliner material. i prepped the fram correctly using the directions on he can and began to do the rear portion of my frame, i did all the way up to the battery and it looks fantastic! ill post pics soon. i cant belive how strong this stuff is for a aresol can.

this was on a 96 purple frame, total cost was 5.99 a can and i bought 4 cans, as it looks so far i may only use 2-3 cans max. also add the 6 bucks for sand paper, 1.99x2 for the degreaser spray cans, and the 2.99 for the tack rags. it bring the total cost for a nice, extremely durable black frame to just under 38 dollars!

i know it may seems ghetto but i am not removing the engine, i really do not see a need to cause once all the other junk like the airbox and wires and all the other small stuff is removed i can get in all the cracks and nooks just fine.

pics coming soon

What was the brand of spray-on bedliner stuff that you used, and where did you purchase it?

dupli color bedliner

and they sell it in a aersol can and a roll on application,

bought it at advance auto parts, it was this or pj1 frame paint which i also heard great things about but i thought the bedliner might be tougher stuff..

I've had good luck also with the spray from autozone. Did some dash parts and the inside of the skidplate. No defects yet and it does not seem to be fading. I think I am going to do the outside of the plate as well. I'm not worreid about getting over logs and I think the aluminum plate looks like:moon: now so how much worse can it be? Never thought about the frame, that must look tough, definitely tougher than purple

Post up pics! I did my purple frame with line-x a couple months ago. Its doing well so far:)



(acerbis tank on the way)


Damn that looks good! You guys are making the dark side look good!

Very cool guys! I just had the inside of my skid plate Line-X'd. Very tough stuff. Looking forward to the spray-on version pictures.

Damn that looks good! You guys are making the dark side look good!
:smirk: Hehehe:smirk:

Come to the Dark side and bring your Suzuki......before I slice off your trailwings


Hey wait,,,, My PT Cruiser is purple,,, how much line-X would that take ?

Looks good anyhow,,, unless your a chick,and then its What happen to my:blah: :blah::blah:

Good Job:thumbsup:

That looks much better than purple! :thumbsup:

well frame is done, but my camera is lost, i have phone pics that are good i can email to someone if they can host them

frame came out great!!!!

I saw an old cj-5 jeep that the whole body was line-x'd it looked awesome.

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