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TT adds Wanted section!!!

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that mean we can put some wanted ads in for all that good stuff you get from your damaged shipping place??? OK i want uhhh whatever cool stuff you get for quarters....

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that mean we can put some wanted ads in for all that good stuff you get from your damaged shipping place??? OK i want uhhh whatever cool stuff you get for quarters....

Thats just an automatic thing.

Any yz 250 parts will be purchased. I also buy crf 450 parts for a friend.

The problem here is the supply.

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Hello Rob,

After months of checking out the TT classifieds, I personally have pretty much quit bothering to look there anymore. Almost all of the Yamaha parts listed there are for four strokes. With no way to 'post' questions or comments, I find them pretty ineffective, over-all. I posted a number of "wanted" requests, but they were soon 'buried' several pages back, and I never received any responses.

I've had much better success communicating with fellow 2-stroke owners directly. I've bought several things that people were selling here.

Now, seriously, where is YZ250F06 really going to get the MOST YZ125 owners, who are his target, to read his post? I understand that you are a moderator, and all, but I hope you will answer this question honestly!

Thanks for listening; We will all appreciate your understanding of this. (I've been wanting to comment on the weak TT classified section for quite a while.)

Best regards,

Ken W.

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Ken, in ways I agree.

However, the owners of TT want everything related to "selling" confined to the classified.

Hopefully we'll get enough of us two stroke people to post there so it will be worthwhile to visit.

Having said this, its probably worthwhile to hear a reason for not allowing classified ads in the posting section.

One reason it that it messes up searches. Imagine how thrilled a person would be to search "YZ 250", in 2010, and find 20 ads offering yz 250 bikes and accessories for sale from back in 2007.

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