Receiver Hitch Motorcycle Haulers

I thinking about buying a receiver hitch motorcycle hauler. Any feedback on what to buy? What to avoid?

I have one from Sarge Industries in Oregon.

They make their hauler from aircraft aluminum so its light and very strong.

They also have a gas can holder that attaches to the hauler (good thing to have but it adds $35 to the bill)

It costs about $400 (with the optional gas can holder) Shipped and it requires minor assembly.

Just make sure you have a Class III hitch with a 2 inch inlet.

When I was researching which hauler to buy, I found that lots of the cheaper Haulers were made from steel and they weighted about 100 lbs (compared to the Sarge Industries that weights only 56 lbs)

I love mine and I was recommended to buy this MX Hauler from about 5 other people that had them and loved them.

if you want a picture of it just PM me and I will take of picture of it the next time I go riding (which is sunday!!!)

Good Luck finding a MX Hauler!!!

Patrick M.

I have a homemade one. aquired it from my aunt, it was in the backyard of a house she bought. hauled a truckbed of scrap/junk away for the hauler.

works well, but I had to ad taillights to it. bike rims blocked out the lights on my tacoma.

and yes, very heavy. I still don't trust it all the way, will put the KTM300 on it, or my WR if I have to. no way I would carry the XR650R on it though. seems to wiggle too much for my taste, but in a pinch, will get it done.

I have mixed feelings on thiese, most of those hitches are made for only a 500lb tongue weight so Id recommend an aluminum for sure and allways check the torque on the bolts. I have seen a jeep wrangler carrying a fully dressed v8 :naughty:

I had a steel Hitch-it for years. Heavy but worked great. Carried my KX500, XR250 and RD400. Never had a problem. Bought a PU and gave the hitch-it to a friend who needed it more and I owed him cuz I "stole" one of his motorcycles. If I were to buy another I would get aluminum.

the tongue weight is usually 500 pounds. add the carrier weight to the bike weight to get your tongue weight. usually not good on small cars with unit body. a hitch guy told me he saw a small car with bent frame due to carrier. in this instance a trailer is easier on the car.

My buddy just built one in the garage from Steel. We loaded his TRX450R in the bed of my truck and my CRF450X on his hauler and drove down to and though Baja. My cheecks were puckered the whole time but it made it there and back with no problems at all. I still don't feel comfortable with it, but it does work.

I've seen ones that have a pad that lifts up the bike from the frame, I like them better, but still feel the best when the bike is in the truck.


I don't remember what brand mine is, but I have hauled my crf450 a couple thousand miles with no problems. I am always looking back at it, looks scary!!

When you purchase a carrier, the liability is on the manufacture of the rack for any damages caused from material and workmanship. Now when we build our own, it's are liability. That is why when i built my own, i use two supports. Carried my XR600 for many miles, solid as a rock.

aluminum rail, steel supports



Nice setup leaddog, That would be the only one I would feel safe with

I have an ADD-A-BIKE hauler.Weighs 35lbs.I have about 4000 miles,over 1 1/2 years, on it with no problems.

I have a Joe Hauler. Reasonably priced, solid steel, damn good warranty, great customer support. I've had it on about a year now, and gone thousands of miles. Just make sure you use strong tie-down straps. GO JOE!


I was doing the same research, and found the motoxcaddy for $275 - Looks like it's also for a class III (2" receiver) hitch, and has a bushing that limits the "wiggle" between the receiver and the carrier.

I've got a Subaru Outback wagon w/a class II hitch - I'll be buying a trailer after doing a little research.

Good luck...

I have got the Joe Hauler for the back of my motorhome. It has two gas can holders and a ramp. Has worked great. Met Joe down in San Diego to take delivery in person. Great guy.

This is the one I am looking at.

I like it because you don't have to lift the bike up or use a ramp. Also it's nice that the bike rests on the cradle and the suspension is not compressed while traveling. They say the bike is much more stable and does not move like the other designs. It's supposed to mount very rigidly to the foot pegs.

I may spring for this today so I can get my new 2007 WR250F to its new home. Also my buddy is getting a trailer, but I see much benefit to this carrier for times when fetching the trailer is inconvenient.


I bought this one about 3 months ago and it has been great. It is really sturdy. I liked it because of the way the front wheel is recessed in the rack and after using it frequently, I feel safe with my bike on it.

i have that same model and i've used it quite a bit. i usually have it mounted on the back of the travel trailer so i can carry an extra bike when camping, but i also use it on the truck sometimes and set the bed up for sleeping (it's an industrial shell that'll fit bikes in, but it's tricky to get 2 in there).

I've built about 12 carrires. IMO the Joe Hauler is the best with the anti sway slip fitting there is no slop so the carrier dosnt rock back and forth.

*** But no matter WHAT do not buy one from "CG Carrier"

I've built about 12 carrires. IMO the Joe Hauler is the best with the anti sway slip fitting there is no slop so the carrier dosnt rock back and forth.

*** But no matter WHAT do not buy one from "CG Carrier"

The picture in that forum makes the CG carrier look like a flimsy P.O.S., I definitely wouldn't trust it.

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