Getting the front end to stick!

I've have a problem with my front end sliding in corners, which alot of the time means missing the inside line and having to swing wide. There seems to be alot of posts concerning getting these WR's to turn...most of which I've tried (shortening the chain, raising the fork tubes, setting sag). Does the stock front tire leave alot to be desired in hard pack conditions or is it the extra weight of the bike that keeps it from holding the inside line? I've got a new Brigestone M77 in the garage but was hoping to get a little more life out of the stock front tire. But if it will make the front end stick I would change it in a heartbeat. Thanks for any help on the matter!


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Ditch the front stocker! What a hunk of junk!

Put that bridgestone on there and RIDE! You wont believe the difference. You might also try a Dunlop 755 or756 theyre also great choices. Hope this motivates you.


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Erik is right. MXA magazine calls the 739 front tire the "slip and slide". I use the M77 and like it.


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Something I learned from my Gary Bailey videos: When cornering, you should be able to look down and see your cross bar. You should be scooted all the way forward on your YZ seat (If you have the stock WR seat/tank, you are screwed with an "F"). Your inside leg should be extended beyond your front axle. Your elbows should be up and extended outward.

Forgive me Mike if this sounds real basic. I had been doing it wrong for a long time. After watching my G.B. video's, I fixed my riding style and NEVER had any more washing- out problems.


P.S. I wouldn't use that stock front tire to wipe my ass. It would probably hurt and it wouldn't work worth a damn.


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For clarification: WE'LL be having a KICK ASS time in Moab!! Right Mitch?!!

You did not mention if you have the YZ seat/tank combo. I knew to get as far forward on the bike as possible to turn and the bike just washed out when pushed hard. I ride a lot of hardpack.

Then I put on the YZ combo and the bike rails corners now, with the stock front tire. If a differeent tire will improve turning, I can't wait.......well at least to me I'm railing :)


I forgot to mention that I am running the IMS tank and seat (the seat is as hard as a brick). I plan on putting the Brigestone on and hopefully this will improve front end bite. Personally I agree with what you guys said the tire feels like it does not stick when turning...especially when compared to my RM250 which could turn inside of almost anything. Thanks

can you ride someone else's bike to see if it's the same? someone who has mucked about with the set up a bit.

i lent my bike to a lad the other weekend with it's new harder forks & he loved it. i rode his & went off the track once over a high berm i lost it 3 times in one 1-mile lap. i just parked it up while i was still alive!

his suspension was very mushy. my friend & i couldn't understand how we could sit with bent knees on a WR. we're 5'10" & 170/200LB.

just an idea.


I had this very same problem with my 99 WR. I made all the changes, seat/tank, fork and shock work professionally done and I still wasn't happy with the way the bike turned. In fact I was totally pissed off. It just wouldn't turn through corners the way I wanted it to, no matter what line I used, berm or no berm. Everything else about the bike I loved, however I just needed to fix this one problem with the way the bike turned. I continued trying to solve this problem until finally I needed a new front tyre. I put a Pirelli MT480 on the front and magically my turning problems were solved (Well almost). I couldn't believe that a tyre could make so much difference. I know that some tyres are better than others but I am talking about going from a bike that I felt was almost dangerous the way it turned to a bike that now turns fairly well. All this begs the question, why did Yamaha put such a pathetic tyre on the bike in the first place. The only advise I can give you is to change your front tyre and hopefully it will make the diffence it did for me. By the way almost all my riding is trail riding through very rocky areas on the east coast of Australia. This may be why the original tyre just didn't perform.

My weekend of riding confirm that the stock Dunlop 739 is a PIECE of CRAP.

I wanted top like it because I have always used Dunlops on my street bike.

But slip and slide is right.

I put on the M77 front and it goes where you point it.

I can even kick out the rear end now because the front turns in.

Don't even bother for the stocker to wear out.

Of you people who recommended specific tires. How many of them would you recommend your tire of choice for very hard packed surfaces. Lots of dry slick!!!

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