Another High-end Dual sport!

Nice man. Well that narrows the choices of my next serious DS mount down to : KTM 690 Baja, Husaberg 550, and now the Gas Gas (515?). I have been contemplating a Gas Gas for a while now because a lot of folks say they work great in the East. Husaberg has had a place in my heart since the mid 90's. And the KTM, well it's just what I'm looking for in a bike if I can get over the fact that I'll be an Orange rider. BTW any choice I make next year will take a back seat to my X. Yep it's that good.

Ditto. X is god on wheels.

Well, not new, new, just better than before new.

So that's Husky, Husa, and KTM with very improved '08 Dual sports. We still have Beta coming too.

But the only one that will be Kahlifohniyah street-legal and with fuel injection will be the Husky, no? My local dealer today said he has no idea when 08 Huskys here.... (do I want the 250 or the 450?....)

In Cali, it aint nothin without a plate.:banghead:

We're not too far removed from Cali. as far as plating a dirtbike goes. They revoke plates here too. There's no way (as far as I know anyway) I could have plated my 450X here in NC. Even the shop that inspected my bike said they'd never seen an X plated. No biggie, I hopped the Mason-Dixon and grabbed my X up in Maryland...already tagged and ready to go. Why don't you guys do the same out in Cali? Would it not transfer over from another state?

Yes it will, I'm proof of that :applause:

i don't think that will work anymore, yanni. Ca (& others) are requiring the title to be labelled by the manufacturer legal for street. Without that, they won't do it, even if it comes tagged from another state. One or 2 might slip through the cracks, but it would be a gamble.

Does it have to be actually labeled for street use, or just not say "For Off-Road Use Only''? You guys have it bad out there if that's the case.

Two years or 15,000 miles before you can transfer a plated bike from another state that would normally not plate in Cali.

According to Beta usa, Gasgas, and Husaberg, all of their 4 stroke enduros will come full epa/dot legal for california in 2008

Kick starter on the left??!! Is the throttle on the left too?? Europe is backwards.

The last time I checked Japan still drove from the right side of the car and their kick starters are on the right.


. Now if I could just learn to kickstart a 550 thumper with my LEFT foot (Husaberg)...

You'll have it down in a couple weeks :thumbsup: Besides, that's what the e-start is for!! And for general public knowledge, the only thing backwards on the Berg is the drive(chain) is on the right and the kickstart is on the left.

Kick starter on the left??!! Is the throttle on the left too?? Europe is backwards.

The last time I checked Japan still drove from the right side of the car and their kick starters are on the right.


You think that is wierd? It is the standard since 1940. It only mostly changed in 1968.

- AJS stormer (1971): shifter on the right, brake on the left, kick on the


- Bultaco: shift on the right, brake on the left, kick on the left.

- Maico: kick on the left

- Husky: kick on the left

- Montesa: kick on the left

- Puch: shift on the right, brake on the left

- Sachs: shift on the left, but you got 5 extra neutrals

- Honda ST50: Nuetral was a full stop gear: you had to shift through it like

a regular gear!

- Rokon: no kick: pull rope!

- CCM: some with no kick: external removable electric start! (don't drop it!)

I was just joking guys.

Used to ride a friends KTM years ago (the bike was white). It was a kick only bike with the left hand kicker. It took some getting used to but I did not ride it much anyways.

Krannie, do you forget anything??


Krannie, do you forget anything??


Forget what? Who is this? When?

I think he's talkin' about the little list you made Krannie.

duh... you think? :bonk:


Is it really true that Bergs tend to flame out easily, like an older 4T would? I've heard that the starter has a hard time firing the engine after it's warm too. Any truth to this? Also, my '05 CRF450X is possibly the easiest 4-stroke I've ever started. Are Bergs the same or are they like a WR400 (BEAST to kick)? I wonder 'cause the left-side kick makes me leary.

I have a 03 FE400, and it never flames out. Motor runs very well. Starter problems are on models 03 and older due to small starter motor and weak charging system. If you like e-start, get a 04 and newer Husa. The e-start on mine only works when the bike is warm and is only good for a few stabs at a time. It sucks. My 03 has a DellOrto carb, and it can be finicky.(again 04 and up have good Keihnen) I have it dialed in now, so kick starting is literally one kick cold, few kicks when hot. Nothing at all like early yamahas. It took me about two months of casual dirt riding to get used to left-foot kick. Now its normal, as easy as right foot kickin'.

SO moral of the story: If your looking at a Husaberg, get a 04 or newer. Mine handles great and is light, has great power, super easy to work on, parts readily available, but the estart drives me nuts. I'm used to an estart that works cold,hot, anytime. Its the only wart on my exotic experience.:thumbsup:

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