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I need help

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I just recently got a 2003 yz 125 off of craigslist :thumbsup: but what should i check for to make sure that it is track ready i would like to go out to the track some time nxt week :applause: so is there anything that i can do to my bike instead of having to take it to the shop....

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Here's what I did to my 05 that I purchased w/about 10 hours on it. Some of this stuff was probably unnecessary, but I did it anyway for peace of mind.

1. Replaced stock air filter with a UNI brand.

2. Replaced spark plug.

3. Replaced brake pads.

4. Changed brake fluid via reverse bleed (what a mess).

5. Drained fuel so I can switch oil brands.

6. Drained crank case oil + replaced.

7. Drained/flushed radiator fluid + replaced.

Things I still need to do:

1. Grease stearing bearings + other misc bearings.

2. Clean + relube chain.

3. Replace tires.

4. Other stuff I know I'm forgetting.

If I had an 03, I would get some frame protectors if it didn't already have some just to keep my boots from wearing away the paint and creating that ugly rust spot over time. If the paint was already worn away, I would be getting a spray can and doing some touch up.

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