used yz250f

hey guys im buying a 2004 yz250f on saturday i was wondering if there is really anything specific i should look out for while im checking it out-thanks

good compression, fork seal leaks, bad chain and sprockets, worn tires, oil leaks, cracked tank, make sure it idles, and runs good!!!

Just try to look at the general condition of the bike, the motor, frame, swingarm. Parts that aren'y easily replaced tell the story. Don't pay attention to shiny plastic and bling.

You can't really check the compression due to the automatic compression release.

Just ride it though, and see if it has any bog, or if it pops, or runs rough. Get it hot,

then shut it off and see if it starts again easily.

04's were good bikes.

ok thanks alot

look for all of the parts that potentially need replacing.


adjustment left in chain,



listen to the engine for the valves. make sure there is no funny noises or tapping.

bent bars, levers, subframe.

if it doesn't work out i have one for sale as well.

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