Broken Spokes

Yesterday me and some friends went out riding, and I ended up having a pretty nasty crash. Anyway I hit my front wheel on an embankment when this happened and broke about 9 of the spokes, and warped the wheel a little. Does anyone know what spoke kit I can get to redo the spokes? Or anyway I can just buy individual spokes? And when I redo the spokes is the rim likely to straighten back up? Thank for the help.

Hey buddy we're in the same boat. I've been lookin around for individual spokes and haven't found them easily. The whole kit is about $30 average around the internet so it's not too bad to go ahead and buy the whole kit. I have only found individual spokes from one source. A dealer in Va is a client of ours and we hook him up and he hooks us up & he tossed us some spokes but I have no idea where he got them. I haven't found anybody else that sells them seperately.

ps- don't forget your spoke nipples!! If little bits of spoke are still threaded inside the nipple, u might as well get new ones, unless ur good with an EZ Out. But hopefully they all broke on the hub end of the spoke, good luck!

The bad news is that I broke the spokes at the nipple ends. Matter of fact I broke the nipples in half. So I know the tire is going to have to come off and I am going to have to remove the pieces that are left. Oh well, might as well get a set. Where did you find sets for $30? Every set I see is about $60 plus. And do you think my rim will come back straight with a new set of spokes and nipples?

Well you have to take the tire off to change spokes & nipples no matter what way you slice it, but its not that hard if you have tire spoons. If you go to and look in their OEM parts finder you can locate their prices. For my bike the front spoke set is $32.88 and it looks like the nipples come with it, but I can't be certain. You will have to call them and ask. I also have a 125L so the spokes are longer, if you have the 125 regular wheel, heck they might be cheaper (doubt it :banghead: ) but they are your best bet. If your rim is out of shape bad, I doubt you can straighten it by replacing 9 spokes. You may have to get a new rim, but if its not too terrible you can try to true it back up by tweaking on some spokes. If your rim is trashed I'd hunt down a used complete front wheel, as a new rim and spokes + the labor for someone to lace and true the wheel up will be quite steep. Best of luck!!

I checked that site. My spoke set is $66. I have a 230 though. That must make a huge difference. Anyway the rim is not to bad. It is only in one spot that it is tweaked. I drove it home after the crash and it did not even shake that bad. So hopefully I can true it back up. I really would hate to buy a new rim already, I have only had the bike 3 months. But I guess you have to pay to play. Thanks for the help.

meh, its really easy to true rims...just search up some info on it...chances are that it will never be perfectly straight but you will never notice it driving in the dirt. If i were you i would be more worried about ovaling out the holes in the hub, because then it starts to get expensive. I dont think you will have to worry about it on the front though because of the straight through design, but on the back the spoke design is absolute crap on the TTR line, they use the same design on all of their models. One of the major selling points for me on the honda trail bikes is that the spokes are much more durable and the design is way better.

Well since the honda spoke are better, do you think that I could put a spoke kit for a crf250x on my 230? They both have 21 inch front wheels.

doubt it would fit, but i wasn't ranting about the front wheels spoke design, i was ranting about the back wheel design, the front on the TTR 230 is also straight through design, so just go to your YAM dealer and buy a new set, Then you'll have a few spare just in case

For the 230, they are $49 a set at

Thanks for all the help guys.

If you are worried about breaking spokes, you should get a set from Buchanan. They cost around $60-$80 a set, but they will not break. I had the hub on my TTR 125 crack recently, and the Buchanan spokes stayed intact. They can sell you spokes for the stock set-up, or any alternate rim you want to mount.

Finally broke down and took the rim to a local shop. $60 to lace and true the rim, and $35 for spokes. I'm back in business. Thanks for all the help.

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