03 WR450 off idle stumble in WNC

I'm looking for some help to fix it.

I did the search and my head is spinning.

What did you guys in this neck of the woods do?

If this is stock, I know she's got some potential.

What elevation are you at?

I am at 1k and use the following on my '03:

160 main jet

48 pilot jet

72 starter jet

Stock needle - stock position

GYTR - exhaust insert

1500 at the house and I'll be riding up to 5000.

Is there a link to a step by step guide to tps adjustment? I don't even know where it's at.

Disregard my "nebraska" under my login. I really live in WNC and ride in Tellico,Wayehutta (Worryhut) snd Windrock in TN with my 05 WR450F.

The TPS being plugged in or not made little to no difference in the off idle stumble.

My bike has had the airbox snorkel and screen removed, the AIS removed, the exhaust mod to the factory muffler. Very little bog, but sometimes there.

I did the O ring mod to the accelerator pump and a ZypTy fuel screw. These made ALOT of difference! Bike is a real screamer now!

All of these mods are listed in detail in this forum. Simple search should turn them up.

Thanks Darkstang. The needle was in the 6th groove with the snorkle and baffle gone. I put it in the 4th groove, adjusted the fuel screw and tps, and she's running GOOD now. I love this bike, she's a wheelie machine.

I'm just east of Asheville. Let's hook up sometime soon and hit some trails.

if you have an off idle bog its your leak jet. you need to get a smaller one like a 40 also try the o ring mod! :ride:

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