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xr650 project - help build

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Whats up!

First time posting here-

Im working with a shop now, and finally really looking into my first supermoto build. For a while I had interest in the drz400sm, but friends don't let friends ride suzuki sooooooo...:p

Anyways... i bleed honda, and have settled on the 2007 XR650L for my california street warrior purposes. I've got a few cosmetic mods in mind, but there's a few things I've never dealt with before. Help me out here

First... rims

Looks like excel is the ticket. Not sure about 18's or 19's. Honestly motard is a new game to me so specifics here would help a lot. Always wanted spoked rims on a street ride!


I understand I may want to change some springs front and rear, not sure where or what to look for regarding the lowering blocks.

Wheel spacers-

I guess I'll need spacers to mount some fat rear tire


If anyone has modded the xr650 already Im curious what performs well for front and rear sprockets


Do i need to consider aftermarket brakes, and whats and appropriate size

Anyways guys, I know its a lot of questions but none of my friends are into motard and I seriously am drawn to it

Thanks, happy trails :ride:

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most moto's use 17 inch rims. 3.5" up front and 4.25" out back. Get them laced to your stock hubs and you don't ahve to make spacers. Get a larger diameter front rotor and a relocation bracket for the caliper to match. And you are set. Tire size is 120/70-17 up front and 150/70-17 out back (or 150/60-17) Check motostrano.com for the ideas on what you would want. Then shop around and search for the best prices (my opinion).

good luck.

p.s. Search on here and some other moto specific websites for ideas. All your questions have been answered about 300 times. I would mod the suspension for street/weight first and just ride it with some sticky stock tires first. Moto is not for everyone.

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pretty much everything was machined by hand.

if youre just starting out, it might be better to get with motostrano or someone who can put together a whole KIT, that is, if your wallet can deal with it.

ps- this bike's for sale including the dirt set-up.

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Sweet ride bud-

I love the 'R' and would really prefer the Liquid cooled engine, but I can't get it legal for the street here, so I'm left with the XR650L. There's far fewer parts available for the 650L too... Im already having as tough time finding the right hubs

I like the idea of a motostrano 'kit' but its heavy on the wallet like you mentioned and I work at a MC shop now and want to buy the pieces at my discount.

I want to find part#'s for Talon hubs that fit my bike, and just order the hubs and rims seperate. I can spoke them, or have them spoked. After that my only concern is brakes

Love your ride man, I'd really love to have one like it

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how come you cant street the R?

its plated here in nevada. and its my best friends....i have a drz sm. hehe.

but anyways, if you can get the talon and excel parts from your store, you should be all set. then its just a simple trip to the metal shop for some 17mm ID tubing to make spacers. (im pretty sure its 17). motostrano has an inexpensive brake upgrade for the xrL,


it utilizes the oem caliper and should do ya just fine. then you can switch b/w dirt and street setups.

good luck...let us know if ya need something else.

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in california DMV restrictions have pretty much made it impossible to get anything legal on the street that wasn't legal when the factory made it-

my only option would be to buy an older model that someone had already had approved by DMV-

Honestly I'd go that route but I want to break in my own engine

thanks for all the help guys... I'll let you know how it goes and post pics.

In the end I'd like something like this bad boy



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