someone lend me 5700 bucks!!!!

Sucks he didn't post any pictures.

yeah, i've seen it at high speed flying through the finish line LOL just a green blur. these are the times when i wish i had a stash cuz when the pros sell their bikes even thought they've been raced you know they have alot of extra work done to them

Couldn't agree more. I was lucky enough to find Kurt Caselli's factory KTM 450 SXS awhile back and the mods and attention to detail were out of this world. I definitely consider it a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a factory race bike and it absolutely RIPS! The only thing wrong with the bike is that I'm too slow for it - uh wait, that would be something wrong with me, not the bike.

Somebody please buy Destry's bike so I don't have to justify a "second time in a lifetime" opportunity!

sounds like a great deal.

i know where to buy satilite teams bikes, i have a connection in the industry lol hahaha:p :p that still doesnt mean i have the money to buy 1 lol

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