tire sizes

ok so i have a cr250 i wanna try out supermoto with.. my stock tire sizes are 80/100-21 for the front and 110/90-19 for the back, i found distanzias in my sizes.. i think..

front: 90/90-21 AND 90/90H-21

whats the H for? can i use it? wats the difference?

rear: 110/80HR-19, 110/80R-19, 100/90H-19

whats the R, H, and HR for?

which sizes distanzias should i use? can i use any?

The H is the speed rating I think, no worries about exceeding any of them with a CR I think:)

Seems a lot of folks like the supervenoms for sportsman class supermoto - should be a little stickier than the distanzias I think.

have fun

thing is i dont know what sizes will fit my rim except for it has to be 19 inches. the rest is a blur.. will any of those fit my 19 inch back tire?

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