New BBR Frame Cradle?

Hi everyone, I just bought a 02 TTR125L yesterday for a playbike, and I am happy to join the TTR fam. Anyway I was looking for the New aluminum BBR Frame Cradle on the online vendors and I cant find it. Is it even on sale yet? I was really hoping rockymountain would have it. Does anyone have a link possibly to where I might buy one? I've heard there cheaper too. :thumbsup: has them!!!

thats the one that im gona get and you cant beat the price dirt cheep compared to the older one


the older one is welded as to bolted together and fits closer to the engine better ground clearance ...lighter too ...i had the choice to go either way and decided to go with the gen 1 cradle..........not that the new one isnt good..if those things arent an issue ....its cheaper but not alot.cheaper. .....and the jury is still out on which is stronger...tig welded vs threaded alumimum....either way...youll have one of the 2 best mods you can do to that bike with either. and you def need to have one for this bike.

that site is pretty dang good, thanks for the refferal:applause:

Don't forget about the TT store. They will match any price by 110%! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :ride:

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