Shock Spring Lock Ring - Lube threads?

Say that title fast 10x...

anyhow, I removed the shock spring the other night (I'm changing to the heavier "Big Boy" version) and I noticed that a) the lower ring was a real bitch - under load, go figure :) because it is under load there were small shavings coming off as I loosened the ring.

Should I use a some sort of lube on these threads? (I'm sure Mitch will say lube is good everywhere). If yes, anything in particular? My factory manual does not say to lube these threads - why?


Before you do anything you need to clean the threads off so that you aren't trying to turn the ring over dirt and crap and buggering up the threads. I just clean it off with a couple squirts of brake cleaner, then lube it with WD40 and then turn it. Once you have the locknut loose, you can put it on a stand or just tilt it onto the kick stand to lift the rear wheel off the ground and then you can just wrap your hand around the spring and turn it. It'll turn the ring along with the spring.



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