Videos from Loretta Lynn's Tuesday day 1

Here are a couple videos from loretta lynn's on tuesday. the first few are of the motocross A class. the next ones are of the lites pro sport which was some of the best racing of the day. izzy, stroupe, and the other guy were the only ones of all classes jumping from the finish line and doubling into the whoops. the vid does not do it any justice. that is an insane jump. the only guy that i have ever seen doing that was brian swink a long long time ago. the crowd went nuts when izzy did it for the first time. the last vids are of the super mini class. as everyone knows, there has been so much hype about the crf150r. eli tomac and the top 5 layed the smack down on their 2-strokes. if you have not seen tomac ride, you need to. he is very impressive. super fast. long live 2-strokes! enjoy.

cool dude that is a bad triple too

Thanks a million!!!!! Sick vids!!! Tomac is the next real contender. IMO:thumbsup:

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